Man Arrested Twice In Less Than 12 Hours

An Anderson man is accused of starting a house on fire. At 1:35AM Sunday morning Anderson firefighters and police were dispatched to a house on First Street. Officers could see somebody was inside the burning house and as they tried to force their way in it became clear that the person inside was not eager to leave. They could see Marijuana was growing inside and they encountered 33-year-old Floyd Casados Jr. as he ran out of the house and reportedly tried to flee. He was subdued with a Taser and questioned. He admitted he had been drinking and had no explanation for the fire. He was taken to a hospital and then booked into jail for obstructing and officer.  While in jail Casados allegedly kicked another inmate in the face and tried to escape when he was going through booking. He was released at 9:30AM and by that time Cal-Fire and Anderson Fire Investigators had determined that the fire was intentionally set. When they found out Casados had been released they started looking for him and found him walking along Highway 273 near Ronna Lane. He was in no mood to talk and ran across the highway, but was eventually caught and booked into jail again for obstructing an officer, as well as suspicion of arson.