Tehama Superintendent Of Schools Resigns

The saga surrounding Tehama County's Superintendent of Schools has taken another turn with the resignation of Charles Allen, who may not have been qualified all along. In December Allen pleaded no contest to lying about his own education. When Allen applied to be Deputy Superintendent in 2009 he claimed on his application that he had a Master's Degree from Chico State. He later said he was hired under a "Masters Equivalency" exemption. Though the exemption would qualify him for the job, having an actual Masters Degree would entitle him to an additional 750 Dollars per year, which he received. In 2014 Allen ran for the Superintendent position and won but during the campaign his opponent, Harley North, acquired documents showing the deception and distributed them to the press. KQMS ran the story on May 13th of 2014. The Tehama County D.A.'s Office continued to investigate and borrowed a Shasta County prosecutor to avoid conflict of interest. As part of a plea deal reached in December Allen was ordered to pay back 1500 Dollars for the Masters Degree bonus he received, but he kept the job, that is until Monday when his resignation was accepted by the Tehama County Board of Education. They now must choose a replacement through a public input process. A likely selection is the whistleblower, Harley North. Allen's resignation comes as the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing is likely to revoke his certification when it meets Thursday.