Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Killing Uncle

A murder trial is getting underway for a Shasta County man accused of killing his uncle. Last May Eusebio Luna called Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies to his home on Coleman Fish Hatchery Road, saying he had found his uncle dead after the two had been drinking heavily the night before. Luna said he found Clarence “Jimmy” O'Neil of Hat Creek lying face down with his head against a large concrete pier block, as if he had fallen. When he turned him over he was cold to the touch. Not wanting passersby to see his uncle’s dead body, Luna dragged O’Neil out of sight of the road and left him near his front porch. He then moved the 60 pound pier block about 20 yards to a trash pile. He said he removed the blood-soaked dirt as well because he didn’t want to look at it. An autopsy revealed multiple injuries to O’Neil, including broken ribs, a broken collar bone, a knife wound to his face, and evidence that he had been struck in the face with a heavy object, likely the pier block. Detectives believe Luna murdered O’Neil and then haplessly tried to make it look like an accident. Jury selection began Tuesday. Opening statements and presenting of evidence begins next Tuesday.