Former CHP Officer Sentenced To 6 Months

A former Redding-Area CHP Officer who pleaded guilty in January to weapons and child pornography charges has been sentenced to half the jail time he could have gotten. Gary Harris was arrested in 2012 after a search of his home turned up illegal guns, Methadone pills, explosives, and other people's driver's licenses. Child pornography charges were brought against him later. He had gone into a CHP Sergeant's office and broke into a locked file cabinet to access a computer hard drive with child pornography on it. Harris pleaded guilty to felony possession of an assault weapon, felony accessing a computer database without permission, and misdemeanor possession of child pornography. No charges were brought against him for the driver's licenses, explosives, or drugs. Harris faced up to one year in jail. On Friday he was given a 6 month sentence plus 3 years probation. He'll also have to register as a sex offender.