Safe City Project Receives Boost To Funding

A local restaurant tycoon is offering more of his money for a program that attempts to solve Redding’s homeless issues simply by helping them go away. The Safe City Project laid out a number of proposals in November to fight crime. One of the ideas is to provide one-way bus tickets to homeless people and send them back to their distant homes. Joe Wong liked the idea so much he offered to match for incoming donations. Wong owns more than 40 restaurants from Central Oregon to Southern California including Burger Kings, Applebees, Logans, View 202, Cicada Cantina, and others. The total cost to send each of the homeless people away is between 200 and 300 Dollars, according to the Good News Rescue Mission which has coordinated the program. So far more than 60 people have been sent away and 14-Thousand Dollars worth of funds have been exhausted, so Joe Wong is offering to match thousands more in donations. Information on the program, called "Journey Home" can be found at