Man Arrested Twice In 24 Hour Period

A Cottonwood man was arrested in Anderson about 24 hours after his previous arrest. At 11:25AM Sunday morning an Anderson Police Officer tried to pull over two bicyclists who were riding on the wrong side of the road. They fled and one got away. 36-year-old Bobby Wampler fled through the Anderson Police Department parking lot but crashed while riding away and ran into some bushes to hide. He was found and ordered out. When he came out he approached the officer and wouldn't stop, so the officer hit him with a Taser. Wampler had an outstanding warrant, and was also allegedly in possession of nearly a half-ounce of Methamphetamine. He was booked into jail, but was then released. When Wampler was seen at around Noon Monday in Anderson, an officer detained him and did a probation search. Wampler allegedly had more Meth on him, as well as a pipe to smoke it. He was again booked into jail.