Man Accused Of Starting Bully Fire Faces Murder Charges

The man allegedly responsible for starting the Bully Fire is now facing charges related to the death of a man who died trying to escape the flames.  37-year-old Freddie Smoke of Sacramento was allegedly driving a large rental truck on the afternoon of July 11th, delivering fertilizer to an illegal Marijuana garden near Roaring Creek Road and Sargent Road, when his hot tail pipe ignited dry grass. More than 180 pot plants were destroyed by the sheriff’s department. Smoke was arrested at 10 O’clock that evening and booked for recklessly causing a fire and Marijuana cultivation. He was released on bail within hours. On the afternoon of July 16th a dead body was found in the Bully Fire zone near a residence north of Platina Road. Investigators believe the man died while trying to flee the fire within the first few hours after it started. An autopsy was done the next day but the cause of death has not been determined, nor has the coroners office been able to determine the victim's identity. Last week the district attorney's office filed a charge of involuntary manslaughter against Freddie Smoke. A One Million Dollar warrant has been issued for Smoke's arrest, but his whereabouts are unknown. The fire was declared fully contained Saturday after burning 12-Thousand-661 Acres and 20 structures. Officials are actively searching for Smoke.