Fish & Wildlife Bans Fishing On Stretch Of River

California Officials have decided to close to all fishing a 5.5 mile stretch of the Sacramento River through Redding. There’s no Salmon fishing allowed right now anywhere on the Sacramento River, but the effort to help survival of the Winter Run Chinook Salmon also bans fishing for Trout or anything else. The restriction is expected to go into effect April 27th.  Previously a date of July 27th was given for the end of the ban, but Friday's announcement does not mention an end date. The affected stretch of the river from the Highway 44 bridge up to Keswick Dam will be where an estimated 98% of spawning activity will take place. State biologists say it’s critical that this year’s Winter run avoid the collapse seen last year, when about 95% of the Winter spawn was decimated by warm water and predators. The Fish and Game Commission said their decision is highly unusual in that it's even more stringent than the endangered species act protections.