Daughter Of Neglected Woman Charged With Murder

A Redding woman has been charged with murder for the death by neglect of her mother. 90-year-old Dorothy Havens died on Friday 8-and-a-half hours after Redding Fire personnel responded to her Tidmore Lane home because she was having difficulty breathing. Neglect was suspected to be at the root of her medical troubles. She had apparently been in bed since November and was covered in her own waste and had open bedsores all over her body. Dorothy’s daughter, 56-year-old Kathryn Havens, and her grand-daughter, 33-year-old Amanda Havens, were responsible for Dorothy’s care. They never sought medical attention for the suffering old woman, and apparently never even really touched her. They both appeared in court Tuesday, when Kathryn was charged with murder and her bail was raised to a Million Dollars. Amanda has not yet been arraigned because she hadn't gotten an attorney.