Woman Arrested After Allegedly Spitting On Officer

A Corning woman was taken into custody for her filthy mouth, among other things. At 6:35PM Monday night, officers were called to the Corning Transportation Center on Solano Street for a woman lying on the floor who wouldn't get up. An arriving officer recognized her as 27-year-old Elizabeth Mehringer and he called out her name. When she started cursing at the officer she was asked to lower her voice because there were children in the next room. She kept cussing so she was asked to leave. As she started walking away she allegedly spit in the officer's face. He forced her to the ground and she resisted by kicking at him. A bystander helped by holding her legs while she was handcuffed. She kept thrashing about as other officers arrived and she was placed in leg restraints. She was booked into jail for obstruction, resisting, and battery of a police officer.