Newspaper Debunks Alleged Puppy Mill

A story running this week from another media organization is apparently misleading. KRCR reported on an alleged puppy mill in Lassen County. Dozens of Schnauzers and other dogs have been taken from the location by the Res-Q Animal Coalition and transported to Redding, where they're being treated at Care Animal Hospital on Hilltop Drive. The dogs suffer various symptoms of neglect, including parasites and malnutrition. The story says the owner may face various charges. The story was picked up by the Sierra Daily News in Susanville, and they say they contacted a Lassen County Animal Control Officer with knowledge of the situation. Apparently, the elderly woman responsible for the dogs had contacted the county and the rescue group of her own accord and said she could no longer care properly for the dogs. She asked for help and has gladly given up control of the animals. So, while the dogs were suffering, it was not a puppy mill and the situation was not discovered by any outside entity.