Parole Denied For Man Who Kept Woman Prisoner

Parole has been denied for a man who kept a woman locked in a box in Red Bluff for 7 years. In 1977 Cameron Hooker kidnapped Colleen Stan. He raped her repeatedly, tortured her, and kept her locked inside a wooden box for most of each day and night until she escaped in 1984. She had been allowed to walk free after signing a "slave contract". She was told that a shadowy organization called "The Company" would hunt her down if she tried to escape. Hooker is also suspected of killing Marie Spannhake, whose body was never found. He was sentenced to more than a hundred years behind bars, but in a move to relieve prison overcrowding, a 3-judge panel last year made it possible for inmates to get paroled if they're over the age of 60 and have served at least 25 consecutive years. A parole board decided in a hearing Thursday that Hooker is not appropriate for release. Span testified against Hooker at the hearing. He may be eligible for another hearing in 15 years.