Student Brings Fake Gun To School

A 7th grader at Happy Valley Elementary School caused a scare on campus when he brought a realistic-looking toy handgun to school Tuesday. The gun is designed to give a mild electrical shock to the user when the trigger is pulled. It was recently purchased at a local store by the 11-year-old boy, and he brought it to school to show off to his friends. When he did, another student saw it and thought it was a real gun. The witness told a teacher and the student with the gun was quickly brought to the principal's office. The school was placed on lockdown while Shasta County Sheriff's Deputies responded. When it was learned that the gun was a toy, the lockdown was lifted and all the students gathered in the school gym so they could be told what had happened. The case will be reviewed by the juvenile probation department, and the school will take action as well. The sheriff's office says the situation was handled very appropriately.