Man Arrested After Standoff

A man held police in a standoff in East Redding Monday night. Officers were called to Ricardo Avenue to deal with 35-year-old Glenn Matthew Everett. He had reportedly been acting aggressively for the last several days and Monday he approached a neighbor's yard where young children were gathered for a birthday party. Witnesses say he was acting inappropriately and when adults demanded he leave he became aggressive with them. He apparently went across the street to his house and came back with a kitchen knife, which he waved around wildly as he spat on someone and made people feel threatened. Several of them grabbed their children and retreated to a back yard. When two officers approached Everett he ran into his house and hid in a bedroom. A perimeter was set up around the house as police tried to negotiate with Everett. He kept coming to an open living room window holding a shard of glass and making threats, saying police would have to kill him. He eventually surrendered, not through the front door, but by rolling himself out the broken living room window. He was booked into jail on a long list of charges.