Neighbors Help Police Arrest Meth Crazed Man

An Anderson man on Methamphetamine terrorized a neighborhood Monday night, according to police. Officers were called to the 21-Hundred block of Knobcone Avenue a little before 11 O'clock. 19-year-old Phillip Ault had allegedly followed a woman from the Tower Mart to her home and when he was told to leave he punched her in the face. It's unclear whether he knew the woman. When she fled to a neighbor's house for protection Ault reportedly punched her again and threatened to kill her. The neighbors let the woman in and locked Ault out. Witnesses say he started yelling that the home was his and that it was his mother's mansion. When he allegedly threw a brick through the front window and started climbing inside, the man who lives there stabbed him in the arm with a knife. Ault was then cornered in the front yard by other concerned neighbors, who held him there until officers arrived. Ault was ordered to the ground, but had to be tasered twice before being taken into custody. He was treated for his injuries and booked into jail on several felony charges.