Two Injured In Head-On Collision

Two people were transported to a hospital after a hit-and-run crash in Cottonwood Friday morning.  Just before 10am Ellen Hoyt was behind the wheel of a Dodge Neon on 4th Street sitting at the stop sign at Balls Ferry Road.  She had three passengers in the car.  According to the front seat passenger a dark colored pickup, possibly a Chevy, came north on Balls Ferry and turned onto 4th Street but snagged the front fender of the Neon, leaving shredded metal and fiberglass.  CHP Officer Paul Dahlen says he was told that the woman driving the pickup stopped only momentarily.  Hoyt and one of her passengers were taken by ambulance to Mercy Medical Center with complaints of pain.  Officer Dahlen says the description of the pickup was vague, as is often the case after a traumatic event.  Two of the passengers, including a 4-year-old boy, were uninjured.