"Click It Or Ticket" Campaign Underway

This weekend is expected to see the busiest traffic of any Memorial Day weekend over the past decade. Travelers crowding the highways need to remember that seat belts save lives every day- and failure to use seatbelts costs lives every day. Law enforcement agencies all over the state are joining with the CHP in a major nationwide "Click It Or Ticket" campaign. The campaign has actually already begun and continues through the end of the month, with officers paying particular attention to making sure children are buckled up.  More than 21-thousand people were killed in passenger vehicle crashes in 2013, and nearly half of them were not belted in. For nighttime crashes, 59 percent of fatalities were unrestrained. Officers will take no excuses during the "Click It Or Ticket" campaign. The minimum fine in California is 157 Dollars, not including the substantial amount tacked on for local fees and court costs. The fines are a great deal more for unrestrained minors. Road travel is a dangerous thing to do, but fastening a seatbelt is one of easiest and most proven ways to save a life.