Man Arrested After Bizarre Incident With Mailman

An apparently deranged man took control of a Postal Service truck in Redding Wednesday. At around 11:30AM letter carrier Landon Kucharski was on Locust Street. He parked the vehicle to make a door delivery and was confronted by 28-year-old Christopher Sage, who apparently accused the mailman of poisoning his Whiskey. Sage, who Kucharsky had never seen before, was holding a full bottle of Whiskey. Sage allegedly got into the parked postal truck and started rifling through the mail and other contents, even stealing and eating the mailman's lunch. Kucharsky called Redding Police, who say \Sage appeared to be experiencing acute Methamphetamine intoxication. He refused to follow directions and Pepper Spray had limited effect. He didn't respond well to baton strikes or what officers referred to as "other pain compliance techniques". Even when taken to the ground and handcuffed, Sage showed enormous strength as he growled and made animal noises. He reportedly kept kicking, spitting and trying to bite officers, who restrained his legs as well.  He allegedly was in possession of a broken glass Meth pipe and a homemade knife. After being medically cleared, Sage was booked into jail on several charges.