Cal-Trans Employee Returns Lost Diamond Ring

Cal-Trans employees were able to recover a Washington couples Diamond ring, after it was accidentally thrown it into a trash can. On April 10th, Ed and Kathy Hawthorne were traveling on Highway 44 and had stopped at the Bogard Rest Area. Apparently the couple had accidentally thrown the expensive ring into the trash. Kathy had injured her finger the day before, and put the ring in a Styrofoam cup because it was uncomfortable to wear. Ed asked his son to get all the trash out of the car while they had stopped at the rest area. Bot knowing the area or what rest stop they had stopped at, they contacted Cal-Trans. With help from crews, they were able to narrow it down to the Bogard Rest Area. The rest area supervisor, Kathi Robinson, dug through 4 garbage cans and found the ring. The ring was returned to the couple when they came back through California.