$12.75 Million Settlement Reached After Inmate Dies At Shasta County Jail In 2018

An inmate death in Shasta County jail has led to a settlement of $12.75 Million to be paid to the sister of the deceased, according to a story in the Record Searchlight. 56-year-old Randall Scott Johnson died in August of 2018 after spending two days in custody. His roomate had called 911 to report that Johnson had attempted suicide by consuming a large quantity of Methamphetamine. Redding Police found him curled up in his driveway. In jail he was babbling, vomiting and screaming in pain for two days, but refused to have his vital signs checked and was not hospitalized. On the morning of the third day he was going to be taken to a mental facility but he was found in his cell dead. The settlement includes $1.65 Million from Redding and Shasta County, and the other $11.1 Million from “Wellpath”, a national company that provides medical care for inmates all over the country. The suit alleged that Wellpath had an LVN working in the jail rather than a registered nurse as required, and that the LVN falsified a medical form to keep Johnson from going to the hospital.