$2.3 Million Grant Awarded To Winnemum Wintu For Salmon Restoration

A state grant has been awarded to a local tribe to continue its efforts to restore Salmon to the McCloud River. The experiment so far appears to be successful as young Salmon were collected before the river becomes the McCloud Arm of Lake Shasta, where juveniles are gobbled up by the lake’s voracious population of Bass and other predators. The fish had hatched from 40,000 eggs that were planted last Summer. Once captured, the Winter Run Chinook are released downriver from the dam to make their migration to the ocean. The Salmon are sacred to the Winnemum Wintu, who lost most of their McCloud River ancestral lands when the dam was built, and have been seeking a way to restore the Salmon run for years. This year’s run was the first time Salmon had been in the McCloud since the 1940s. What’s being done is an effort to head off the extinction of the species by allowing them to thrive in the cold waters needed for successful spawning. On Monday the California Department of Fish and Wildlife entered into an agreement with the Winnemum to continue the work using a $2.3 Million grant.