5 Arrested After Search Warrants At Two Anderson Residences

5 people were arrested in Anderson Wednesday after the Anderson POP Team and detectives served a search warrant at two residences in the 5400 block of Balls Ferry Road after an investigation into the sales of illegal narcotics at the locations. Those arrested were 49-year-old Mathew Simpson, 43-year-old Scott Reed, 48-year-old Ginger Reed, 45-year-old Joel Duckworth, and 41-year-old Guy Thissell. During the search approximately 7.6 Ounces of Methjamphetamine, 2.2 Ounces of Fentanyl, 28 fraudulent prescription tablets containing Fentanyl, 4.6 Grams of Heroin, a stolen firearm, and one unregistered Ghost Gun were recovered. The Anderson Police were assisted by the Shasta County Probation Department in the arrests.