$750,000 Distributed To Compensate Ranchers For Losses Due To Wild Wolves

California wildlife officials have announced another level of compensation available for ranchers whose livestock is vulnerable to Northern California’s recovering Wolf population. The state budget allocated $3 Million for a pilot program that provided funding on two prongs: fair market compensation for livestock loss due to Wolf attacks and the cost of deploying non-lethal Wolf deterrents near livestock. There have been 41 application seeking more than $750,000, all of which have been approved. The third prong of compensation is for indirect economic impacts due to Wolf-induced stress that can lead to reduced Calf weights gains and lower pregnancy rates. There are 3 known packs of Wolves in Siskiyou and Lassen Counties that have been established since 2011, when the first known wild Wolf in 80 years was spotted in California. The State Department of Fish and Wildlife says they’ve learned a lot from the experience gathered in other states.