A Bumper Year For Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus

More West Nile virus cases in humans have been reported in Shasta County. There have been seven cases so far this season, with five of them requiring hospitalization. Four of the seven were believed to be contracted in Shasta County, and the other three were people who had traveled to other states and caught it. Most people who contract West Nile will not even know it, but for some it can be very dangerous. A vaccine is only available for horses, for which West Nile has a very high mortality rate. Above average precipitation has contributed to a ballooning mosquito population this year. They won’t die off until an extended period of overnight temperatures below 50 degrees. Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control recommends the use of mosquito repellant during dawn and dusk, and eliminating standing water where larvae grow. Heavy mosquito problems can be reported to shastamosquito.org