Analysis Estimates Civic Auditorium Generated $8.5 Million For Redding’s Economy

The Redding Civic Auditorium has had a watershed year, partly due to multiple outdoor concert events, a format that greatly increases the size of potential audiences. That makes it far easier to attract big names such as the Steve Miller Band. According to an analysis, the ticket revenue from May through September totaled almost $2.4 Million, with around $1.6 Million of that from concerts on the lawn. A closer look shows over $800,000 of ticket sales was from people out of the area, who spent an additional $3.6 Million on lodging, food, gas, and other expenses. The total boost to the Redding economy generated by the Civic Auditorium during the 6 month period is estimated at $8.5 Million, according to Advance Redding, the private contractor that manages the city-owned facility. Advance Redding was initially founded by Bethel Church interests to acquire the auditorium contract and provide a place to run the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministries. The financial connection between the two entities has since been mostly separated.