APD Arrests Arkansas Woman Accused of Abducting Her 8 Children

A woman from Arkansas has been arrested in Anderson for the alleged abduction of her eight children. At 12:30am Saturday someone called 911 to request that officers check on a woman who was acting strangely and was accompanied by 6 children. Anderson Police responded and found the woman and kids in a parking lot by a Dodge pickup with Arkansas plates. 36-year-old Trista Fullerton of Rogers, Arkansas had a felony arrest warrant and was taken into custody. The 6 kids were taken by Shasta County Children and Family Services, along with the other 2 children after Fullerton told officers they were at a home in Cottonwood. Fullerton is the biological mother of all 8 children, but she had lost her custodial rights and allegedly abducted all of them from their foster homes before fleeing to California.