APD Makes Drug Arrest During Traffic Stop

Failing to wait for a pedestrian in a crosswalk led to a continuing series of trouble for an Anderson man. Last Wednesday afternoon 49-year-old Matthew Simpson was pulled over on Balls Ferry Road for failure to yield. He said he was going golfing but he had no clubs so the officer was suspicious and got Riggs the K9 to sniff around. Riggs gave the high sign for drugs so the car was searched and an Ounce of Methamphetamine was allegedly found in the center console. Simpson was taken to jail and his car was impounded. Officers learned that Simpson had 2 storage units near his home, and on Thursday they got search warrants for them. They reported finding 5 Ounces of Methamphetamine, 11 Pounds of Cannabis, a stolen chainsaw, $3,000 cash, Thousands of rounds of ammunition and 12 guns, including two that are considered assault weapons.

-Steve Gibson