APD Releases Annual Crime Report

Anderson Police Department has issued its annual crime report, showing an increase last year of almost 38%. Chief Jon Poletski points out that overall the crime rate is up from the last couple of years because of a significant slow down in some major categories due to the pandemic, when schools were closed and many people were working from home. Arrests jumped more than 52%, to 1,820. Violent crimes in Anderson were up last year by almost 13% from the previous year. Though the number of assaults actually went down a little from 2021, robbery and rape shot up significantly. Overall property crimes saw an increase of over 43%, even though vehicle thefts were down slightly. When seen in the long term, the crime rate dropped in most categories from the 2018 numbers. Tfaffic collisions dropped by over 15% year-to-year, while DUI arrests increased from 63 to 82. Chief Poletski still cites the city’s measure “A” public safety sales tax for providing the department with the resources it needs to keep Anderson citizens safe.