APD: Two Wanted Suspects Arrested During Traffic Stop

Two arrests were made after a pickup truck was stopped by Anderson Police Friday night. The Chevy Silverado was stopped on Stingy Lane because it had no license plates. One of the passengers, 31-year-old John Marciel, had eleven warrants, five of them felonies. Since his conviction for felony burglary in 2019, Marciel has had 10 failure to appear warrants and 8 probation violations. He was arrested along with 44-year-old Sabrina Baca, who had one felony warrant and one misdemeanor warrant. While they were being booked into Jail Baca was allegedly found to be concealing 45 Grams of Methamphetamine. Both Marciel and Baca have since been released.

In an unrelated traffic stop on Saturday afternoon, 41-year-old Jesse Alton Munger was pulled over on Arby Way. Iven the K9 sniffed around the car and indicated drugs were inside. Officers reported finding Methamphetamine, packaging and a scale and Munger was booked into jail, but was then released.