APD: Uninvolved Woman Killed In Car Crash After Online Argument Spills Into The Streets

Anderson Police say the collision on Highway 273 at Pinion Drive that killed a woman on June 5th started not with a road rage incident, as previously reported, but rather as a result of social media posts about a woman one of them was dating. Andrew Millner and Dennis Mize had been arguing online and Millner later told police he was hunting for Mize because he wanted to beat him up for disrespecting him. He had seen Mize earlier the morning of the crash and chased him around before losing him. When he saw him again near the Westwood Manor Circle K he started following him down the highway but the pickup truck could not keep up with the much faster motorcycle Mize was riding. Millner apparently told police that Mize was taunting him by slowing down and gesturing and then speeding up to as much as 130 miles an hour. Millner said he pursued him at up to 85 miles an hour. He also claims Mize shot at him. Both ran multiple stoplights on the way to Anderson before getting to Pinion, where Millner broadsided a car, which sent it sliding hundreds of feet into a ditch and killing the driver, 61-year-old Susan Betty Young. Millner faces charges including murder and driving under the influence of drugs. He’s being held on $1 Million bail.