APD: Woman Killed After Road Rage Incident Causes Crash In Anderson

An apparent road rage incident led to the death of an uninvolved driver in Anderson and the driver accused of causing it has been charged with murder. At 9:37AM Monday 31-year-old Andrew Millner of Redding was driving a pickup truck at high speed on Highway 273 when he reportedly ran the red light at Pinon Avenue and smashed into another vehicle, the driver of which died of her injuries after being transported to a hospital. An investigation revealed that Millner had been pursuing a motorcyclist following a road rage incident near Westside Road in Redding. Both had apparently run through multiple red lights and reached speeds of over 100 miles an hour during the chase to Anderson. The motorcyclist stopped for the light at Pinion, but Millner did not, with a tragic result. The motorcyclist has cooperated with police. Millner, who has a prior DUI, was booked into jail for charges including murder and driving under the influence of drugs. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact APD at tips@ci.anderson.ca.us.