Arsonist Who Started 13 Fires Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison

A Red Bluff arsonist has been given a very long prison sentence. 37-year-old Shane Heard has been held in Tehama County Jail on $6.6 Million bail since his arrest in October by Cal-Fire Law Enforcement Officers on multiple counts of arson to forest land and use of an incendiary device. In the previous three weeks heard had started 13 grass fires in the Red Bluff area. One of them was set within 400 feet of Reeds Creek Elementary School and while crews were working that fire another one was set 7 miles away off Sunriver Drive. Heard was determined to have been at each of the 13 fires, and when interviewed he confessed to them all. Though they were stopped while still small, all the fires were set in high fuel load areas near homes and businesses, putting lives in danger. After pleading guilty to two counts of arson of forest land during a state of emergency, and admitting to a prior strike and a prior arson conviction, Heard has been sentenced to 23 years in state prison.