Backyard Burning Season Ends For Redding Residents This Weekend

Time is running out to torch those burn piles. Backyard green waste burning in the City of Redding is open only until the end of this weekend, but county air quality officials would prefer to see greenwaste turned into mulch. Anything that can fit should be stuffed into greenwaste containers, and if requested the city will provide an extra can. Those who burn piles in Redding and in the Buckeye District need to get a free permit from the city’s website. Burn piles must contain only clean dry vegetation such as leaves, pine needles, and yard clippings. A 10-foot diameter should be scraped down to bare soil and a shovel and water supply should always be near at hand. Burning or smoldering piles should never be left unattended. Burning can only be done on burn days, determined daily by each county’s air pollution agency. Shasta County burn day information is available by calling 224-8777.