City Working To Complete Sewer Improvement Project, But Drivers Can Anticipate Long Delays

Drivers on the Placer Street hill and surrounding streets may have to deal with tooth-jarring road conditions for a while longer. The city and its contractors have been replacing 11,000 linear feet of a sewer mains, laterals, cleanouts, manholes, 600 linear feet of storm drain piping and 1,800 linear feet of water main. It’s a daunting project and has caused some traffic inconvenience as much of the work required ripping up asphalt. The city says there are issues with the contracted underground infrastructure work, and they’re trying to develop a solution. Until that’s done there’s no estimated time of completion for the project, and the road re-paving and re-striping will have to wait because the city does not want to have to do the costly finish work twice.