County Fails To Release Documents On Former Sheriff To Record Searchlight

Shasta County officials are apparently continuing to stonewall the Record Searchlight about the court-ordered release of some documents related to former Sheriff Eric Magrini. The newspaper says it had been denied multiple public records requests starting in August of 2021 concerning issues surrounding Magrini. Very little information was released publicly about Magrini’s dismissal as Sheriff following staff votes of no confidence, his subsequent appointment to a newly created position as Assistant County Executive Officer, and the appointment of Michael Johnson as replacement Sheriff. When the county ignored the requests and claimed the internal communications were confidential, the Searchlight sued. A judge ruled on April 10th that the county must give up the documents within 15 days without charge and pay the newspaper’s legal fees. The county has not followed through and on Wednesday a lawyer representing the county asked for a delay, which was denied as a judge ordered an immediate release of the requested reports.