County Ordered To Pay An Additional 90K In Legal Fees To Redding Record Searchlight

A lawsuit brought by the Redding Record Searchlight against Shasta County to force the release of public records has cost the county more than $220,000 and counting, according to the newspaper. On Monday a judge ordered the county to pay the newspaper nearly $90,000 to reimburse it for legal fees in the case. The county hired a private law firm to defend retaining the documents, and those attorney’s fees apparently added up to more than $134,000. The county lost the suit, and therefore was responsible for both sides’ legal costs, ultimately paid for by taxpayer dollars. The newspaper had repeatedly requested records pertaining to allegations of mismanagement against former Sheriff Eric Magrini. After votes of no confidence by the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and a group of Lieutenants and Captains, Magrini resigned or was removed from his post as Sheriff and given a newly-created title of Assistant County Executive Officer with a large pay raise. It’s unclear what Magrini is doing now, but he’s apparently on leave. The records, with personal information redacted, were finally turned over last August after a two year court battle. The newspaper has so far been tight lipped about the contents of those hard-won documents. There are unknown ongoing costs, including for a pending lawsuit by former Captain Pat Kropholler.