Court Confirms 2003 Murder Sentence

A participant in a shocking Shasta County murder from 20 years ago has attempted to reduce his sentence based on a 2019 re-writing of the definition of felony murder. On September 11th of 2003, 41-year-old Sandra metz answered a knock at the door of her home in round mountain and was shot to death. The motive was theft and the mastermind of the conspiracy was the victim’s daughter, then-17-year-old Meghan Powell. She had proposed a plan to four of her friends to murder Metz and rob the house, and all four of them enthusiastically agreed. Then-18-year-old Jack Morris, the shooter, pled guilty to first degree murder and was sentenced to 50-years-to-life. He was accompanied that day by then-22-year-old Clifton Sherer, who was sentenced to 26-years-to-life. His defense recently argued that he should not have been guilty of first degree murder because he was merely an accomplice, but the court ruled that his participation was direct enough that the verdict was correct. The daughter, Meghan Powell, was sentenced to 35-years to life as the primary conspirator. The evidence in the case was very solid because among the stolen items was a video camera that recorded the group reviewing the crime as they divvied up the goods.