Court Hearing May Decide What Information Get Released On Former Sheriff Magrini’s Tenure

Attorneys for Shasta County and the Record Searchlight will attend a court hearing Friday as the saga continues over some documents concerning former Shasta County Sheriff Eric Magrini. The newspaper made multiple public records requests starting two years ago concerning a report the county drafted after Magrini’s dismissal as Sheriff. He had been the subject of no confidence votes by two unions representing sworn staffmembers. He was then appointed to the newly created position of Assistant County Executive Officer and given a 31% increase in salary. The county skipped the routine application process for his replacement and appointed then-Anderson-Police Chief Michael Johnson. The ongoing court fight has led to multiple judicial orders to release the documents, but the county has held out, saying that the Searchlight was being misleading and that confidentiality had to be maintained. The materials have been redacted to remove personal identifying information. Tuesday during closed session the Board of Supervisors apparently voted to release some of the requested materials, and another closed session is set for next Tuesday on the same topic, but that may become moot depending on the outcome of Friday’s hearing.