Crews Gain More Containment On Area Lightning Fires

Most Northern California lightning fires are easing up since the recent rains, though flooding has damaged some areas. Shifting winds have made the smoke coverage more erratic.

Crews have achieved overall containment of 57% on the 28,400 acre Happy Camp Complex. Fires on the east side of the complex, including the Head and Scott Fires, are nearing containment. Crews are concentrating on fires to the west, including the Ufish and Hancock Fires and the 12,100 acre Elliot Fire along Highway 96. 9 structures have been destroyed in the complex and 336 are still considered threatened. 20 people are still evacuated. There’s been one civilian fatality.

In the Six Rivers National Forest in Del Norte County, the Smith River Complex has burned more than 85,500 acres with 19% overall containment. About 10,000 acres of the fire is burning in Oregon. Most of the complex is in heavy timber, and has produced a lot of smoke.

In Trinity County northwest of Trinity Lake, the Deep Fire is just smoldering and creeping at 60% containment after burning 4,200 acres.