Crye Accused Of Tapping Covid Relief Funds For Personal Use

Shasta County Supervisor Kevin Crye has tapped a fortune in Covid-related government relief money while railing against Covid restrictions and runaway government expenditures, according to an article on When Crye filed for candidacy in 2021 he claimed no financial interests, and many people accused him of not being a resident of District One, which he represents. To fulfill the residency requirement, Crye rented a condominium unit in Salt Creek Heights. Now he has just apparently purchased a house in the gated Stanford Hills Subdivision, paying the full asking price of $750,000 in cash. The article in a News Cafe alleges that Crye made his quick fortune by making Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars by providing entertainment events to schools, including a $340,000 contract with Gateway Unified School District in the Shasta Lake City area. Crye has said he’s working with 40 school districts statewide. The author of the story, R.V. Scheide, submitted a number of questions to Crye, to which Crye responded that it was none of his business. Crye will face a recall attempt in March.