Deputies Stop Swerving U-Hauls Loaded With Cannabis In Siskiyou County

Two big U-Haul box trucks loaded up with Cannabis were busted last week on Interstate 5 by Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Deputies. The Sheriff’s Office had gotten a tip last Tuesday that the two trucks were headed south from Jackson County, Oregon. A Sheriff’s Sergeant saw a truck matching the description and followed it. After it crossed over the fog line 8 times in a half mile, the Sergeant pulled it over. He noticed a strong smell of Pot and asked the driver about it. Diana Cruz-Valdovinos of Stockton said she had been paid $700 to transport a load of Hemp, but she didn’t have the necessary permits to do so across state lines. She voluntarily opened the cargo door, revealing a huge pile of recently cut plants. The Sheriff’s Office says it was not prepared properly for transport and was already starting to mold. While on scene, another U-Haul went by southbound on the freeway. It was also swerving and was pulled over, and also reeked heavily of Cannabis. The driver, Angela Duarte Valdovinos, provided the rental paperwork, which had the other driver’s name on it. A probable cause search was done, revealing another huge pile of plants that had been haphazardly dumped in the cargo area. Both women were cited and released. The trucks were seized and the cargo was destroyed. A third truck related to the first two was later stopped by Oregon State Police.