Documentary On A.C.I.D. Canal Named Top Environmental Film At Canes Film Festival

A Redding filmmaker has been awarded at a prestigious international film festival. Tyler Faires produced a documentary about the A.C.I.D. Canal. The unprecedented dry up of the A.C.I.D. Canal in 2022 caused severe damage to the 109-year-old waterway that led to major losses. The seepage prior to 2022 was estimated at 30%, but afterward it was calculated at closer to 50%. A number of neighborhoods in Anderson complained last year about heavy flooding while some agricultural customers in Cottonwood said that all the water was gone before it reached them. The canal is 35 miles long from the diversion dam at Caldwell Park to the terminus at Cottonwood Creek with over a hundred miles of lateral canals. About 98% of that is unlined. At the Cannes World Film Festival in France, Faires’ documentary entitled “Acid Canal” was named best environmental film.