Effort Underway To Recall Two Gateway School District Board Members

A recall effort has begun against two board members of a troubled Shasta Lake area school district. The Gateway Unified School District has had four members on the board since February, when Cherrill Clifford resigned after a lawsuit was filed by the Gateway Citizens Committee against three board members for apparently violating open meeting laws in an attempt to hire Bryan Caples as their new Superintendent. The board fired the previous Superintendent without cause in December and Clifford apparently signed a contract with Caples. The board hired a new Superintendent last month but they have no agreeable majority. A special election will have to be held to fill the fifth board position, and a group has now begun distributing a petition to recall two more members of the board, Elias and Lindsi Haynes, who were both allies of Clifford. More than 2,000 signatures need to be gathered in the next 90 days.