Elections Office, Citizens Commission Feud Over Release Of Names Of Recall Signatories

Shasta County’s recently created Citizens Election Commission is yearning for power. This week the commission met and approved by a 3 to 2 vote a plea to the Board of Supervisors to allow them to review the signatories to the petition to place a Kevin Crye recall on the ballot. The commission is comprised of five members appointed by each of the five supervisors. Only elections officials may view the names of voters who signed the petition, which Registrar of Voters Cathy Darling-Allen interprets to mean employees of the Elections Department. However, 3 of the commission members argue that their positions define them as elections officials with the authority to act as such and they want to check the validity of the petition as they have doubts in the high number of confirmed signatures. The commission wants private attorneys to review the issue, but the commission already has a $20,000 budget to use for hiring of outside legal counsel, but that attorney has declined to offer an opinion.