Elections Office Will Release Updated Vote Tally Late Friday Afternoon

The Shasta County Elections Department will update the public on its vote tally late Friday afternoon. The results so far represent 22,064 ballots, and as of Wednesday there were more than 30,000 that remained unprocessed. The great majority of Shasta County voters use the vote-by-mail option, and those will continue to trickle in until the deadline on Tuesday. If District One Supervisor Kevin Crye’s recall goes through, he’ll have to step down upon certification of the vote 30 days after election day. A replacement for his seat may or may not be appointed by the Governor. Either way an election would take place in November to elect a replacement for the remainder of the term. Supervisors who are voted out the usual way will remain in office until the end of the year. If the term limits measure is passed, which looks likely, it would not apply to any current board member. It’s unclear if it would apply to Tuesday’s newly elected board members.