Fake ID’s, Other Stolen Goods Found During Traffic Stop By Anderson Police

Anderson Police say they found a wide variety of stolen identifications during a traffic stop. Thursday night a Dodge SUV was stopped for a traffic violation and they pulled into the T/A Truck Stop on Knighton Road. The driver and passenger both apparently gave officers fake names but they were eventually identified as 44-year-old Richard Gomes of El Dorado County, who had 3 felony warrants, and 35-year-old Amanda Yeager of Auburn. Even the vehicle had a fake ID, with license plates from a different car. Ivan the K9 sniffed around and indicated drugs so the vehicle was searched. Officers say they found Heroin and a large cache of documents, including more than 30 fake ID’s, fake military ID’s, fraudulent checks, check making materials, counterfeit money, a replica gun and many pieces of stolen mail, Social Security Cards and passports. Gomes and Yeager are still in still in jail.