Father Arrested After His Toddler Was Rescued From Inside Hot Vehicle

A Redding father is accused of locking his 2-year-old daughter in his car for an extended time during extremely hot weather. A Facebook Page called “Justice for Meadow” has been set up by the child’s maternal grandparents. They say that last Friday when it was 105 Degrees 24-year-old Jose Ladel Woodcock Serna had a two-hour court-ordered visitation with his daughter, and had met with the grandfather at the Redding Police Station to pick her up at 3:30PM. Two hours later the grandmother went to the police station to pick up the child but at 5:35PM she texted the mother to say there was no sign of Serna or the girl. Serna could not be contacted so the mother called the police at 5:50PM. They apparently said they could not deal with a non-emergency custody issue, but they could do a welfare check. after pleading with the police for an hour, the family went to Serna’s home. They rang the doorbell and knocked, with no response. Eventually they peered through the tinted windows of Serna’s car and saw that the toddler was inside, so they broke a window and pulled her out. they say she was unresponsive and limp, showing signs of heatstroke. The family called 9-1-1 and police and medical responded. Officers tried to talk to Serna but he would not come outside. An arrest warrant was acquired and he was taken into custody the next day. He’s been given a court date and released with an ankle monitor. The family says Serna has a history of domestic violence.