Fire Crews Face Possibility Of Mudslides As Wet Weather Moves Into The Area

The Forest Service has a burned area emergency response team working the Happy Camp Complex to assess the potential for erosion and mudslides. People downstream or downhill from fire damaged areas are urged to be alert for heavy rains that can cause flash flooding.

Most of the fires on the Happy Camp Complex are 100% contained. Crews are still working the 7,650 acres Ufish Fire, which is 70% contained, and the Elliot Fire, which is 13,400 acres and 70% contained. The 9 destroyed structures and one civilian fatality in the complex were on the now-contained head fire.

The Pearch Fire east of Orleans has grown significantly to 11,130 acres with reduced containment of 6% containment.

The Bluff 1 Blue Creek 2, and Marlow Fires are being managed with the Mosquito Fire with total acreage of 29,266 and overall containment of 6%.

The Smith River Complex in Del Norte County has burned over 94,500 acres with containment now at 85%.

A vehicle fire spread to several structures in Cottonwood Saturday night. Cal-Fire and Cottonwood Fire were called to the Bowman area fire at around 10PM. The cause of the fire is under investigation.