Gateway School Board Unable To Hire New Superintendent

After another failed attempt to agree on a replacement for one of its members, the Gateway Unified School District Board of Trustees will need to call a special election. Currently there is no functioning system to hold an election in Shasta County. Monday night the board had only three members present, so a unanimous vote was required to select one of the latest candidates, but that didn’t happen. Board President Cherrill Clifford suddenly resigned her post in February after being chastised for apparently trying to bypass policies and violate open meeting laws in order to hire Bryan Caples as their new Superintendent. He ran unsuccessfully last year for Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, and had his teaching and administrative services credentials suspended by the state. Candidates for the board position have been interviewed in four different sessions and the board remains at a stalemate. With a deadline of this Friday and no further meetings scheduled, a special election will need to be held. Shasta County currently has no system for running an election since the Board of Supervisors decided to cancel the contract with Dominion and more recently decided to opt for a full hand count of ballots. What the gateway board did approve on Monday is a $340,000 contract with Ninja Coalition, which is owned by County Supervisor Kevin Crye, to provide adventure camps during spring break and summer vacation. That apparently includes a concert by the band “Smashmouth” at Central Valley High School in June.