Gun Law Consultant $50k Fee Was CEO’s Idea

Following a proposal to allow non-sworn Shasta County personnel to carry concealed guns at work, the Board of Supervisors was asked Tuesday to spend $50,000 on a consultant to tell them if it’s a good idea or not. The board had already set a policy allowing CCW permit-carrying citizens to enter public county buildings while armed, including the board chambers. Supervisor Mary Rickert does not feel that holding a CCW is necessarily a reflection of stability, as she had received a death threat from a county employee who was a CCW holder. A state law that’s now tied up in appeals court forbids the carrying of weapons in a variety of public spaces. Supervisors have countered that law with a county ordinance. During discussion, in response to a question from Supervisor Tim Garmin, County Executive Officer David Rickert revealed that it was he and his staff who introduced the resolution, and that the figure of $50,000 was an arbitrary guess not based in any context. The board then voted 3 to 2 to send out a request for proposals with no dollar figure attached.