Hollywood Man Found With Over 2 Tons Of Cannabis After Traffic Stop

A near collision last week in Siskiyou County led to the discovery of a large load of Los Angeles-bound Marijuana. At 6:30PM last Thursday evening a Sheriff’s Lieutenant was driving on County Road A-12 approaching Highway 97 when he saw a box truck run the stop sign and roll onto the highway into the path of a tractor-trailer. The big rig driver had to swerve into the opposing lane of the highway to avoid hitting the box truck. The Lieutenant pulled the box truck over and as he approached he was enveloped in the overwhelming odor coming from inside the truck. The driver, 43-year-old Luis Fernando Gutierres Rojas of Hollywood, apologized for the near collision and admitted that he was hauling over 4,400 Pounds of Cannabis that he had just purchased from growers in the Shasta Vista area. He said he was bound for a licensed Los Angeles area dispensary where he works, but the Cannabis was not labeled properly for legal possession or sales. There was also a backpack in the truck containing $16,000 and records of previous purchases. Rojas was cited at the scene and released.