Jake Mangas Leaving Redding Chamber of Commerce

Redding Chamber of Commerce CEO Jake Mangas is ending his tenure after eight sometimes turbulent years steering Redding’s business community through the ruination of the Carr Fire and the controversy of the COVID pandemic. Much of the government funding provided to prevent the collapse of local businesses was administered by the Chamber. Mangas had to carefully navigate between the alarms set off by the medical community and the resistance by many to restrictions mandated by the state. Under Mangas’ leadership, the Chamber also became less political as it ceased the long running practice of endorsing local political candidates. The Chamber has also taken on the task of promoting tourism for the City of Redding. When Mangas took the Chamber post in 2016 the organization had 700 members and a $400,000 budget. It now has 900 members and a $1.7 million budget. Mangas will begin the year as president of Mercy Foundation North, tasked with huge philanthropic projects including securing funding for the Dignity Health Regional Cancer Center to be built next to the Cypress Avenue bridge.