Jones Will Call For Election Advisory Commission After State Passes Law That Prohibits Had Counted Elections

During Tuesday’s Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting, Board Chair Patrick Jones will call for a citizens advisory committee to oversee and review elections. Supervisors would each appoint a member to the 5 person committee, which would also review complaints and scour public records to ensure compliance. The proposal follows the passing of a bill by state lawmakers last week prohibiting the kind of hand count election being planned for Shasta County. AB969 has gone to the Governor’s desk as an urgency measure, meaning that if signed it would take effect immediately. The attempt to switch to a manual tally would cost the county Millions of Dollars and most experts doubt it would approach the accuracy of a machine count for a voting population of well over 100,000. Severing the contract with Dominion Voting Machines has already been expensive, and the costs to bring in enough new machines to reinstate automated tabulation is not known.