Kool April Cruise Returns To Redding

Choice seats are already taped off in anticipation of the Kool April Cruise Friday evening, with upwards of 10-Thousand spectators and participants expected. The route runs from Cypress Avenue up Hilltop Drive, east on Dana Drive to Churn Creek Road, and south back to Cypress Avenue. Those stretches of road will all be closed to non-parade traffic, with the exception of Cypress Avenue, which will only be closed in the westbound lanes between Churn Creek and Hilltop. That leaves a large area with dozens of businesses contained within the route. Anyone who doesn’t want to stay for the cruise needs to clear out before 6 O’clock Friday. The closure will be complete with barricades in place by 6:30PM, at which time nobody will be allowed in or out until after the event is over. Redding Police will enforce laws prohibiting open containers of alcohol and public intoxication. Drivers are urged to keep a sharp eye out for careless pedestrians.