Lone Stranger And Accomplice Remain Unidentified, Loot Found In Enterprise Park

The Asphalt Cowboys loot has been found. The loot packet was found Wednesday by Warren Griggs and Erica Evans, who win $400. The stash place was in Kid’s Kingdom at Enterprise Community Park, attached to the bottom of a small roof covering a garbage can.
There’s still a $300 reward available for the identification of the Lone Stranger and Accomplice, who pulled off the mock robbery of the Cornerstone Community Bank in Downtown Redding on Tuesday. Here’s Thursday’s clue:

We might not be in a total bind,
but this duo left us stewing.
As many found magnificent,
serenading was their undoing.

Guesses on the identities of the robbers can be called in to 223-1188. The other clues are on the KQMS Facebook Page.