Man Accused Of Stabbing His Friend After 21st Birthday Party

A Siskiyou County man is accused of stabbing his friend. Saturday night the 26-year-old victim from Fort Jones, his girlfriend and two other friends had attended the 21st birthday party for Hunter Daniel Harris, and afterward they drove Harris to his home in Grenada. While driving, Harris apparently was talking about harming himself and others with a gun or knife. Concerned for his friend’s safety, the victim escorted Harris into his house to be sure he was not going to act on his threats. A few minutes later the victim came running out of the house screaming that he had been stabbed by Harris. The victim was taken to Fairchild Medical Center in Yreka to be treated for his multiple stab wounds and lacerations. He’s expected to recover. Meanwhile, a report was received about shots fired at Harris’s house. Deputies, CHP Officers and Yreka Police surrounded the home and took Harris into custody. A lot of blood, spent shell casings and a bloody knife were found inside.