Man Arrested For The 41st Time Since 2020 During Retail Theft Crackdown

Redding Police launched a crackdown on shoplifting earlier this month. In cooperation with Retail Loss Prevention Officers, the operation by RPD Detectives and Bike Team Officers concentrated on big box stores on the east side, including Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy and Safeway. A variety of stolen goods was recovered valued at Thousands of Dollars. Many of those arrested are well known to the RPD. Lance Trammell, Jourdan Delarosa, Eli Stetson and Joshua Castro have each been arrested at least a dozen times in the last couple of years. For Jedidiah Peltier, it was his 41st arrest since 2020. Redding Police blame a rise in retail thefts largely on Proposition 47, passed in 2014, which reduced the threshold for felony theft to a value of $950. Thefts of less than that are misdemeanors.