Man Faces More Than 30 Years In Prison After Rejecting Plea Deal On Drug Charges

A drug defendant with prior strikes has refused to accept a plea offer from the Shasta County DA’s Office, and may end up regretting it. 30-year-old Jaxon Bryant was arrested in September of last year after Redding Police did a parole search of his home on Cedars Road next door to the Monarch Charter School. Last week he pled to possessing drugs while in possession of a gun, being a felon with a gun, and multiple counts of drug sales and transportation, along with nine misdemeanors. He was offered a deal that would give him a sentence of 12 years in prison, but he instead entered an open plea in hopes of being placed into the Addicted Offender Program. That plan is opposed by the DA’s Office because it would allow Bryant to be released on probation. His sentence is now up to the judge, and it could be more than 30 years in prison. He’ll be back in court December 15th.