Man Sentenced To 2 Years In Federal Prison For Selling Guns On The Black Market

A Shasta County man has been sentenced on federal charges for dealing in black market guns. Two years ago the U.S. Attorney’s Office made a plea deal with 65-year-old Brian Scheckla of Burney. He had traveled to gun shows and bought guns, then sold them for a higher price on the black market. In 2018 the B.A.T.F. issued a cease and desist to Scheckla, saying he was unlawfully selling guns without a license. He apparently ignored the warning and continued to travel to 20 gun shows a year in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. In a 3 year period Scheckla bought at least 77 guns from licensed dealers. Ten of those guns have been seized in criminal investigations in Manteca, Sacramento, Modesto, Vallejo, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Ontario, and the City of Anderson. Tuesday Scheckla was sentenced to 2 years in federal prison.